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Monday, November 28, 2011

Software Testing : An Overview of Framework Engineering

Software Testing : An Overview of Framework Engineering Framework engineering is something which has been comprises of so many things in order to have the perfect constructed mind and presentation of the project which has been going to be started having a particular purpose. It means that the framework engineering is that part of the organization which includes the framing up of all the processes of the project and the phenomenon which are associated with it. This has to be taken care by the project manager specially that whatever the frame he is drawing in order to carry out the process must be very beneficial and must give the desired results which has been expected by the organization in order to achieve the success.

This type of engineering is concerned of some of the commonalities of a domain and also the development of the core system which plays a common role for the product line.

The framework is basically play a role of a device which has been constructed by the project manager as have discussed earlier and also it follows the same principles of the development which have introduced by the project manager to his associated members of the team. It has been discussed also in the development process. This is explained also in the Kobra Method.

A framework is basically an incomplete form of assembly of the numbers of components. They are even having the loose ends and also the number of deficiencies which has been filled by the additional data or the artifacts. Only a single system have the potential to represent the number of special cases for a particular product family and it is a fact in here that even a single system can be the only representative for the entire generic group of the product family.

A single component can also represents the containment hierarchy which can stands for the entire system in its own right. This is the potential and the power which has been carried by a single component or the single system.

How to do Business Layer Testing

How to do Business Layer Testing This is the type of layer which helps in understanding and determining the errors which are basically associated with the applications of the internet and the business logic of the internet connections. This layer is actually similar to one of the applications which are the stand alone applications. In this application one can employ to the techniques, the white box technique and the black box technique.

In this testing it is also required and important as well that a project manager and all the associated members to the team of the particular project has to plan and schedule and create the procedures for the process to be carried out in a proper manner, so that, it can achieve the desired goals in order to achieve the success of the project and the organization. And in order to achieve this whole target it is very important for the project manager and the associated team members to be to make plans in order to identify the errors and the mistakes which may take place or which are taking place during the entire process.

This helps in not only identifying the errors and mistakes but also the application’s performance requirements,

Data acquisition and transaction processing. Because the project manager Marjory access the program logic he has to employ the white-box approaches for components developed in-house because it proves to be a great help for it.

But still, the primary testing approach for this layer specially is actually the Black Box Testing. It starts by the development of the test drivers to test the units (unit test) the individual component. Then the time for performing the next step comes and it is the system test which has been performed in order to determine that whether all the components work together correctly. If it not so then the corrective actions are taken place as they are very important too in order to achieve the desired tasks and the goals which has been set by the organization.

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