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Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Make Good Software Testing Resume?

How to make good software testing resume

Software Testing is an awesome field which provides an engineer with an opportunity to deal with both customer and developmental team simultaneously.In order to impress your interviewer with you resume, you may go for certifications:

  • CASQ--Certified Associate in software Quality
  • CAST--Certified Associate in Software Testing
  • You can show a project or two you might have done in testing during your internship

In order to make an efficient Software testing resume you should be aware of the following topics:

SDLC (software development life cycle )-SDLC is a process that is a mandatory life cycle for software to undergo in order to be a quality product.

SDLC consists of following steps:

  1. Planning- It tells us how to plan and go about a project .It’s an initial step and consists of marking down the outline of the final outcome.
  2. Analysis-As the name suggests ,this phase focuses on analyzing the issues that might cause a constraint during the development of the project and also to analyze it’s feasibility.
  3. Design- Involves of designing the basic structure which is based entirely on the requirement of the client
  4. Development-Involves developing of actual product ,based on the design and alterations made therefore to the design that overcomes any issues in the design phase.
  5. Testing- Involves testing of the developed product in certain conditions in order to check if there are any flaws and drawbacks.
  6. Implementation- It’s the phase where we implement the product at the basic level(i.e user level)
  7. Maintenance- It involves maintaining the product and making required changes along the timeline

Candidates who want to crack the Testing interview should also be aware of the following concepts and should be thorough with them:

  • White box testing: (clear box testing )-This testing method does not verifies the functionality but instead stresses on testing the internal structure .A tester should have the knowledge of programming language and internal structure while writing of the test cases
  •  Black box testing: (functional testing )-This testing is all together an opposite to White box testing .It testifies the the functionality and is not bothered about the internal structure.
  • Integration testing-It is an extension of unit testing. 2 unit tests are combined and integrated to a module and then interface between the units is tested.
  • Regression testing-Includes testing of already tested modules which might have undergone a change in order to check its functionality under changed circumstances .
  • Stress testing-Stress testing shows if the product can handle stress.In other words it tests how the product works under extreme conditions and under difficult circumstances

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